Types Of Bathroom Remodels

Regardless of whether you are planning on a new bathroom setup or intend to upgrade the existing layout, it’s important you’re aware of the kind of work involved and also the options at disposal for bathroom renovation.

Generally, there are three basic types of bathrooms remodels: master bathroom, guest bathroom, and half bathroom. These offer the basic layout, upon which there are multiple choices and customization options that you can pick and make your own.

Besides the basic layout, there are also three fundamental approaches to the renovation projects.

The first option entails the decision to choose specific areas or fixtures in the bathroom that need to be replaced, repainted or just spruced up. If you opt for this route, the whole renovation project may take approximately two weeks for completion.

The next route is to not replace or change fixture positions, but entirely remodel or demo the place.

This must take close to a month for project completion.

The third and last option is to remodel the bathroom completely, which involves bringing down the structural walls, moving them and making more room. This kind of remodeling or renovation is a much complicated and time-consuming process.

Let us now consider each bathroom layouts in greater detail. 

Master Bathroom: Master bath spaces in a house are usually attached to the master or largest bedroom suite in the house. These are typically located directly adjacent or within the bigger bedroom. As a result, they tend to emulate or get largely inspired by the design and layout of the bedroom.

Such needs to match master bedroom and bathroom layout aren’t necessary. However, a radical contrast (especially if the bedroom encompasses the bathroom) could end up as a huge design error.

Some of the other design considerations include merging efficiency with comfort and beauty.

These huge bathrooms are often designed very elegantly, but they should also accommodate master bedroom occupants and the various accessories. Therefore, the layout has to be planned perfectly.

Guest Bathrooms:

These bathrooms could be located adjacent to or directly in a guest suite; or these rooms could be located in the hallway or be “free standing.” With free-standing bathrooms, style is mostly a chance to indulge in eclectic and creative approaches and garnish in some layers of personality.

However, as these bathrooms generally see common usage and are used by several members of the house and also the guests, efficient space usage is often a major problem.

Half Bathrooms:

Half bathrooms, similar to guest bathrooms, are also appropriate for making creative use of textures and colors. But, due to their smaller footprint or area space, it becomes important to keep efficiency as one of their key functionalities.

In other words, the storage options must be well planned out, so that there’s enough room for fixtures such as sinks and cabinets.

Regardless of the type of setup you choose, ensure you put major emphasis on the renovation materials purchased.

Sub-par or low-quality equipment can mar the functionality of the space, rendering the creativity and beauty at play completely useless or not much relevant.

Bathrooms are tagged as comfortable and convenient only if they can do their primary tasks efficiently.

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