How to Choose the Right Kitchen Remodeling Company

When it comes to getting the kitchen of your dreams you want to make sure you hire the right kitchen remodeling company for your needs. Whether you have a large or small kitchen, like the country style or modern looking kitchens, or you have a big or small budget, working with the right kitchen remodeling company in Austin can make all the difference in your experience and the finished product. Kitchen renovations can take lots of time and money, so it’s important to work with the best kitchen designs in Austin. Here’s what you need to watch out for when you are planning a kitchen renovation in Austin, TX.

Get a Quote and Skip the Lowball

Kitchen remodeling in Austin is not cheap. In fact, it’s not cheap anywhere. Price is the number one reason people wait so long to get their kitchen updated or renovated. Plus, the kitchen is the heart of the home and is used on a very regular basis. It can be difficult for people to upset the routine in their lives by having their kitchens torn apart for extended periods of time. In order to adequately prepare for your renovation, you need to know how much money you need to spend. Get this quote in writing and ask important questions such as “what happens if the actual work costs more money?” “What is the guarantee for you as the homeowner that the quote isn’t imaginary?”

You’ll be tempted to take the lowest quote you get, but you need to ask yourself why a kitchen remodeling company is willing to take less money for the same job someone else needs more money to do. If your contractor doesn’t value their own work enough to charge you a market price, then they are probably not worth hiring. You need to choose a quote that fits within your budget, and that might mean leaving a few things out of your wish list so you can work with a reputable company.

Ask to See Plans

In order to choose the right kitchen remodeling company in Austin, you’ll want to see some plans for your potential new kitchen. This means you’ll need to sit down with a remodeling company and give them the details of everything you want. You might have already done this as part of the quote process, but now you want to see it on paper or using a software program that will show how the new kitchen will look once the work is complete. Be patient during this process as it can take a little while for a kitchen remodeling company to put together a visual package for you. But it’s a great way to get excited about your remodel and helps you see what you are paying for.

Ask to See Previous Projects

Don’t rely on internet reviews alone to choose the right kitchen remodeling company for your needs. You want to spend time talking to the company and finding out what they are all about when it comes to kitchen and home remodels. Ask the company for examples of their previous work. While it is obviously difficult to walk through previous client’s homes, the kitchen remodeling company should have before and after photos for you to see. These are usually found on websites or in the offices of the company itself. Don’t be shy in asking for these project samples. It’s important to make sure the kitchen remodeling company you choose is able to create the style and look you want. If you hire a company that specializes in country kitchens and you want a modern looking kitchen, you’re not going to get the kitchen you want.

Get a Timeline

One of the most important considerations in deciding to hire a kitchen remodeling company in Texas is to get a timeline for when the project will be completed. Because the kitchen is so necessary for the day-to-day lives of clients, kitchen remodeling companies need to be able to set a timeline and stick to it. For every day they go over their expected timeline is a day that you are washing vegetables in your bathroom sink. And that’s not fun for anyone. Ask for guarantees of the timeline and clarify what happens if they timeline is missed. For example, does the company charge you more money for labor or hours worked? Does the company compensate you for missing the deadline? Get clarification, so you know what to expect.

Set Some Expectations

When it comes to getting a new kitchen, you might be so excited by the prospect of pretty new things that you neglect to set some expectations with the kitchen remodel company. For example, many homeowners are horrified to see how their kitchen cabinets are thrown out on the front lawn during renovations. Would you prefer that a dumpster be placed in your driveway for such things? What happens at the end of the day when the work is done for the day? Do the contractors just leave the mess in your kitchen and walk away? Do they continually clean up or do they do one giant clean up at the end? What hours do they keep? Will there be unexpected visits? Will there be an expectation to be home during renovations? You need to know what the project is going to involve so you can plan for it. The more information you have going into your kitchen remodel, the easier and faster the process will be for everyone.

Remodeling your kitchen is a big job and it is important to hire only the best kitchen remodeling company in Austin to take on the task of bringing your dream kitchen to life. Be prepared to be a little uncomfortable during the renovation, make sure you get a quote you can live with, and set some expectations with your remodeling company and you’ll be on your way to a new kitchen in no time. Planning is key and a good kitchen remodeling company will help you plan for every step of the process so you can enjoy your new kitchen as soon as possible.



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